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We provide other Instructor training levels by request.  Please use the contact form on the right hand side or the Contact Us page to enquire about them.

These include the following:
Professional Levels:
Assistant Instructor


Advanced Buoyancy Instructor
Boat Diving Instructor
Deep Diving Instructor
Drift Diving Instructor
Dry Suit Diving Instructor
Computer Nitrox Instructor
Equipment Specialist Instructor
Marine EcoSystems Awareness Instructor
Night-Limited Visibility Diver Instructor
Search and Recovery Diver Instructor
Computer Diver Instructor
Underwater Navigation Instructor
Underwater Photography Instructor
Underwater Video Instructor
Wreck Diver Instructor
Underwater Digital Photography Instructor
Shore and Beach Diving Instructor

First Aid Courses:

CPROX Instructor
CPR1st Instructor
CPROX1st AED Instructor

Other Professional Training Options

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