Even though most people enjoy scuba diving as a recreational activity, the professionals who work in the industry do require some form of remuneration.  Given that many professionals have reasonably high charge out rates- and mostly they are not tasked with the responsibility of keeping you and your loved ones alive in an underwater environment -   it seems fair to expect to pay a reasonable fee for a quality service.  It is after all your safety and your life that is at stake!

You get what you pay for.

Before looking at the prices we would like to explain a few things about the course costs that very few instructors or stores seem to explain to potential customers (and you may see why!).

There are many factors in costing dive courses including training materials, staff wages, equipment hire, air fills, gear maintenance, boat fees and such like, not to mention the everyday business expenses and (hopefully) a little bit of profit left over!
As such, the expectation that people should teach for just “the love of the sport” ruins many good Instructors.  After all, the fixed costs are covered (and the cheaper courses don’t even cover them and expect you to buy extras to make up the margins) the only thing to be discounted is the time, or quality, of the training being provided.  Simply, if the guy down the road decides to charge $100 less and then they are basically saying that the quality of their training is worth $100 less.  Remember what you are paying for and think about the education you will get if you pick the cheapest option.
To give you a bit of an understanding, the costs involved in becoming an open water dive instructor can easily reach between $15,000 and $20,000. These costs are the basic costs and do not reflect any additional “Specialty” training or expenses incurred such as fun diving, trips overseas, etc.  At this level you are paying for a brand new instructor to teach you.
Here at AIS Diving we provide instructors with over 30 years of experience between them…and not just teaching Open Water!  We are experienced Industry Trainers, teaching all recreational levels from Open Water to Advanced & Specialties through to Divemasters & Instructors PLUS a range of Technical Diver and Technical Instructor levels.
So, when first ask about your training, don’t just look at the price - look at the experience of the people training you, and the quality they provide. After all…the old adage that you get what you pay is very true…and when you are underwater, it’s your life that what we value!
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